Q: "Why do women go for assholes?"

- Brian


A: Ahhh, the good ol saying that women always go for the bad boys and that nice guys finish last. It is true at some point in everyone's life. However, have you ever stopped to think that maybe your the good guy just going for the bad girl?


Until you and her have both communicated your intentions from the beginning that you are looking for a genuine long term relationship, in hopes that it will lead to marriage or a future together, then your both guilty of playing the role of the bad boy/girl. There is a difference between dating for fun, and dating for a soul mate. 


If you have both communicated that you want something long term, just remember actions speak louder than words. And if his/her actions say he/she is not ready for marriage (or marriage with you) then you have to make the decision if you still want to pursue that relationship or end it, in hopes of finding not just a good girl/boyfriend, but the RIGHT one.

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Q: Why do women take everything so personally?



A: Good question. Trust me, its not fun for us that we have to balance our emotions 24/7. As Whitney Cummings says "Its a miracle were not crying all the time." Personally, I just think that its based off all the pressures of growing up. Since childhood women are fed a steady diet of what it is to be beautiful, popular, skinny, and the worst of all words...married. Then as we get older, we have to implement those words because our clocks are ticking and everyone is in a rush to find love. With all of those years of worrying about appearances and relationships literally embedded into our heads (plus the thongs we have to wear up our ass to look good in yoga pants, skinny jeans, tight dresses, pretty much everything...) it's no wonder were a little more on edge. Watch Whitney Cummings "I Love You" stand up comedy performance. She basically sums up our crazy behavior pretty well.

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Q: Do women realize that they drive men crazy with their beauty even when they feel at their worst? Like in the morning or after a shower when they are not wearing any makeup etc...?



A: Day made! Thank you! We feel the same way about men when we see them all sweaty from the gym or dirty from a day of doing manly erronds like hunting, digging, building, or lifting heavy items. Makes us want to jump in the shower with you to help wash all that man off. So its a relief to know you still find us beautiful since our makeup will be all over our faces and then off our faces. 

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Q: What are a woman's biggest goals?



A: Somewhere between having a successful career, being happily married, and to have a family. For me, I just want to do what makes me happy. I don't have to be successful, married, or have kids. I just have to know myself as best as I can, do what I love, and involve those I love in my daily life.

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Q: Would you vote for Hilary Clinton and why?



A: I'll be honest. I'm pretty bad when it comes to voting because I don't do my homework on who has done what, promises what, aims for what etc...All I know about Hilary is that she's been in politics for a very long time and that Bill cheated on her. Regardless if she makes president or not I've got to throw some respect her way for having to be strong throughout all of that. Forgiveness takes quite a bit of strength, espeically when it comes to being cheated on. 

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Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?



A: Hopefully working with either Universal, Warner Bros, or any kind of studio where I can be involved in art and film. If I could fit some traveling in there that would be great. I'll leave it to fate if there is going to be love in my life. 

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Q: What does a typical woman think her purpose in life is?



A: To live it, love it, and influence it's beauty on others. 

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Q. Why do women insist on putting their makeup on in the car, while driving?



A. It takes us longer  to get ready for bed and to get ready in the morning because we have a lot more maintenance to do. So it is no suprise that we would rather paint our faces on the way to work in exchange for an extra 20 - 30 minutes of snooze time.



Q. Why do girls go back to the same guys who hurt them?



A. Girls do that because they haven't learned their own self value yet. 

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