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Pink featured on Ellen- "Just Like Fire"

These two leading role models of today discuss real life with a sense of humor and introduce Pink's new music video for her song "Just Like Fire." 


Download Just Like Fire to your "Girl Power" Play List Today!  




Train Like An Angel
Victoria's Secret Workout - Ballet Beautiful

Try this 15 Minute Ballet Beautiful "Lean Legs & Buns Workout" designed by Mary Helen Bowers to tone your legs, thighs, and butt for this summer. Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge claims this workout to be one of her favorite workouts!


Good Read
"Babe Knows Best Quotes"

“You know, when a guy is just dumb enough to make you feel smart, but not so dumb that he makes you feel dumb for dating him?” 


“I accepted their offer because rejecting it would have made me look like a cunt, and I may be a cunt, but I sure as fuck didn’t want to look like one.” 


Good Read
"Babe Knows Best Quotes"


"I've found that falling asleep is the best way to polietly excuse yourself from an unwanted interaction."


“I immediately felt attracted to him, so I ignored him.” 


The Woman Who Knew Too Much
Dear Marylin,


Seriously girl, the President??? Two questions for you.


How did you do it???


Can you teach me???

Whitney Cummings "I Love You"
Stand Up Comedy Show


Ladies, when you need to feel proud and confident about just how much more crap you have to put up with than men...check out Whitney Cummings Stand Up Comedy Show to the left. You'll die laughing and feel stronger by the end of the show!



"Ladies, next time your man pisses you off, do not give him the silent treatment. Instead, go Google the most important game of the season, sit next to him during that game and just ask as many f**king questions as possible. 'I don't understand, who's that guy in the striped shirt? Does he work at Foot Locker? I don't understand, why are they all wearing the same outfit? When are we going to have a baby?' Eventually he will shoot himself in the face, and you f**king win that argument."