If you are anything like me, you probably love all things sweet. I often find myself caving into sweet temptations like ice cream, brownies, and most of all cookies. I know I'm not alone in this fight. I also know that there are great ways to substitute sweet cravings. I have tried several different brands and recipes. Several of them were good, but they still didn't quite hit that Cookie Monster spot. That is until I tried a Lenny and Larry's protein cookie. There are so many benefits about this cookie that it is hard to believe it is actually a cookie.

1. Its a Big Cookie!

This cookie satisfies. When I bake cookies, I usually require at least two cookies befor my craving is satisfied. Lenny and Larry's cookie is just the right size in hight, width, and thickness. Everything I need to know it will only take consuming one instead of two.

2. It is Vegan Cookie!

I'm not a vegan, but I do know the benefits of following vegan recipes. As much as I love meat, I do also know that a more effective way to get nutrition (especially protein) is through plants. Plant based diets are the same way some of the strongest animals get their protein. So when we eat meat versus plants, we are basically consuming recycled protein. This vegan cookie allows everyone to get an excellent amount of nutrients without using animal products.

3. It Comes In Several Flavors.

Usually when I substitute cookies with healthier recipes, the flavors seem a bit limited. After some time, I get bored of eating the same flavors over and over, which is why I've experimented from one brand to the next. Lenny and Larry's cookies now offer up to 11 different flavors to choose from. These include everything from chocolate chip to birthday cake.

4. If You Are Going To Eat Junk Food, Eat Healthy Versions.

Before critics start boasting about the nutrition facts, lets remind everyone that the product is a cookie. A cookie is not technically "healthy". However, people who can't quite let go of their sweet tooth are given a option to decide if they want to eat a regular cookie make with milk and butter or eat one made from alternative plant based ingredients. It is fair to say that a Lenny and Larry's cookie is a healthier choice.

5. It Tastes Like A Cookie Should. Soft, Sweet, and Satisfying.

Have you ever tasted one? My personal favorites being snickerdoodle, peanut butter, chocolate chip, and surprisingly lemon poppy seed. Jut enough to satisfy but not too much to binge.

6. A Excellent Breakfast Pastry.

Because we are talking about a cookie, the best time to eat it would be during breakfast. The cookie is made up of ingredients that your body will burn off within hours. By lunch, it is likely that your body will burn the calories off. It pairs nicely with coffee or tea.

7. Its On The Go!

Not everyone has time to sit down and eat. Working long hours and commuting from point A to point B can be rather time consuming. One of the perks about this cookie is that it is perfectly sealed and ready to go whenever and wherever you are. It is easy to store, easy to open, and the package is conveniently designed to be held like a napkin.

8. Convenient To Buy!

I often shop at stores like Target, Walmart, or even pick up quick snacks at gas stations during breaks or lunch hours. I am pleased to find that a Larry and Lenny's cookies are sold in nationwide chains. So even if I travel to a different state, I know at least one of these stores is carrying a product I love.

9. They Are Affordable.

I am always on a budget. Its nice to know that these cookies are very affordable, especially when you buy them in 4 packs at Walmart for under $6.00 or you can order a pack of 12 for $20.00. Last but not least you can always order online and get a power pack for $26.99.

10. Lenny and Larry's Also Offer Brownies And Muffins.

Cookies are not the only go to for a sweet tooth. Not far behind are brownies and muffins. Lenny and Larry's also offer these two products as an alternative choice. Even with the wide variety of cookie flavors, it is nice to know that cookies are not the only option.

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