Q: "Why do women go for assholes?"

- Brian

A: Ahhh, the good ol saying that women always go for the bad boys and that nice guys finish last. However, have you ever stopped to think that maybe your the good guy just going for the bad girl?

Until you and her have both communicated your intentions from the beginning that you are looking for a genuine long term relationship, in hopes that it will lead to marriage or a future together, then your both guilty of playing the role of the bad boy/girl. There is a difference between dating for fun, and dating for a soul mate.

If you have both communicated that you want something long term, just remember actions speak louder than words. And if his/her actions say he/she is not ready for marriage (or marriage with you) then you have to make the decision if you still want to pursue that relationship or end it. The goal is not finding a good relationship but the RIGHT one.

-The Typical Woman

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