25 Excuses To Avoid Shaving

1. If it's not too hot, wear pants.

2. If it's hot, wear a maxi skirt or maxi dress. The long fabric makes you look like a goddess.

3. Go tanning. The darker your skin the less likely your stubbles will be seen.

4. He's in the mood and your not. Don't shave ANYTHING.

5. If your to do list can wait or be taken care of online, then no need to be presentable.

5. Need to workout? Yoga pants are your best friend.

6. Girls night at your place. No makeup, no shaving, no problem!

7. Tinder date tonight? With all the flakes these days, ask yourself if your date is even going to show up. Don't shave until you get the confirmation text at least 30- 60 minutes before your meet up time.

8. No shave November for the men? Well two can play that game. Celebrate natural beauty this month.

9. Your period could start any day now. You might as well give up the razor if you are gonna be out of commission anyways.

10. You are on your last shaver! Does it look over used? Better put that thing down until payday to buy a new set.

11. Pay day arrived. Are the shavers on sale? Best wait until they are on sale.

12. Are you trying to impress anyone at work or in class today? If not, then keep it growing!

13. Leg hair. One more reason to buy cute knee high boots.

14. Monday. Free pass!

15. It's cold today. That extra layer of hair will do you some warm fuzzy good!

16. Have a scratch on your legs? Not to worry! You have sharp prickles available to satisfy that itch. Totally hands free!

17. Do you really want razor burn? Take an extra 2-3 days to grow it out.

18. Has your boyfriend said anything? Hmmmm how long will it take before he does?

19. Studies show if you shave too often your skin is more susceptible to infection.

20. Help the world preserve water. No shaving for a week.

21. If you let it grow long enough it will be as smooth as your skin.

22. Your planning to wax it. Hold off till your sure it'll be long enough to give you the smoothest results after the wax.

23. Your about to wax. Are you sure you want to put yourself through that torture?

24. Early morning. Would you rather get 15 minutes of snooze time or spend 15 minutes shaving in the shower?

25. Zero F***s given!

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