Sienna is a United States Air Force Veteran who has been published in countless magazines featuring her work as a photographer, model, and creative director.


In 2011 Sienna pursued her Bachelors Degree in Photography at the University of Sacramento. She also joined the ROTC Program at Detachment 088 where she began her service to the USAF.


In 2013 Sienna received her Bachelors Degree and was called to active duty. In 2015, Sienna completed her military service and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her Masters Degree at the New York Film Academy. In 2017 she completed her MFA with a focus in Acting.


Sienna actively participates in various projects including fashion editorials for various publications (Vogue Italia, Jute, Elegant, 7Hues etc.), and has done multiple interviews for red carpet events celebrating films, charities, and art shows she participated in. Sienna continued her education receiving two Associate Degrees in Art and Graphic Design while teaching at Futures Academy in 2019. 

Sienna is currently represented by Black Apple Talent and Montage Management Agencies and is actively working as an actress, photographer, and instructor in Los Angles, CA.